Mental Health Issues In Child Custody Disputes

A Parent going through a child custody dispute is someone who has so much to lose. The bonds formed between a child and their parents are one which should not be broken. Then the question which arises is: Can mental health issues be used against you in a child custody dispute?

The answer is yes. However, it can only work to your disadvantage if the mental health issue hinders your power to parent your kid correctly. Certain instances would make you lose a custody case.

You are likely to fail if your diagnosis has the following effects on you;

  • If you have neglected your child’s basic needs.
  • You have recurrent instances of self-harm, or you are overly aggressive
  • The diagnosis has proven your inability to function by yourself
  • If it’s established that you have or are prone to create an unsafe environment for your children

It is not enough that you have mental health issues for you to lose custody of your child. Many adults are experiencing mental health issues which have proven hey can be good parents. An example is a parent with bipolar symptoms; as long as they demonstrate that they have managed their situation and they have no prior cases of abusive behavior, then the judge will likely award them custody.

If you have a custody case, then seeking therapy will likely boost your chances. The decision to seek help is a clear indicator that you are taking necessary measures to address behavioral issues. While therapy does not mean that you will necessarily retain custody after divorcing your spouse, it will be a benefit for you and will bolster your parental ability.


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