Its unanimous according to the top Psychologists, do these 3 things and you will be happy!

In my experience and research working as a psychologist and life coach, I have managed to come up with three solutions to mistakes people do that end up hindering their pursuit for happiness:

1. Find happiness from within

Do not look for happiness from outside of yourself. People are often guilty of linking external factors to happiness; for example, you think that you will be happy after buying that Rolex or that new car or when you finally climb up the ladder in your career. What people should realize is that even though external achievements do make you happy, that happiness only lasts a while. So, look for happiness from within; stop looking for happiness from your partners also because it’s unrealistic and unfair. Make you the source of your happiness, and you will start noticing a change. Ask yourself this, would you want yourself to be sad? No, right? Then the “chemical X” to your happiness is you.

2. Value yourself; Realize you are unique

Stop comparing yourself to others. The only thing that comes from this is misery. Throughout your life, you will meet someone better than you in one way or another. Comparing yourself to them will only elicit in you the feeling of emptiness since you consider yourself unworthy of lacking what they possess. You are unique, and it is only after embracing your uniqueness, will you then achieve unprecedented levels of happiness.

3. Show more gratitude

A happy person is one who appreciates what they have rather than focusing on what they feel they should have. Research conducted suggests that the more gratitude one continues to show, the happier they get. Gratitude has been known to elicit positivity in a person, helps them enjoy beautiful experiences, positively impact their health, helps them deal with diversity, and also assists them in successfully creating and maintaining long-lasting relationships. When you do away with the feeling of entitlement, then happiness will come knocking on your door.


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