A new way to exercise without becoming obsessive!


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My building has an indoor swimming pool. Although it’s a small pool, it can be used for swimming. It was closed for COVID-19. Only then was the pool opened, making it difficult to navigate. After a three-month-long asthma flare, it was too late.

The pool is now available, and there are no restrictions. I feel much better. Two weeks ago, I started stealing at 5 a.m. to go for a 20-30-minute swim. At that hour, I can swim alone in the pool, and all my worries and fears melt away as I glide along it. The collection is on the 11th floor of my apartment building. The picture window allows for the morning sunlight to pass through. My movements are the only thing that blocks the sunlight from reaching the water’s surface.

This exercise routine is different because I swim until I feel tired. This is the same as my previous attempts at a workout routine. It takes between 20-30 minutes. To prevent water from getting in, my goggles must be tightly wrapped around the top of my head. The skin around my eyes begins to feel uncomfortable after 20 minutes. I used to feel guilty and ashamed if I missed one day. I can get myself back on track every day.

Weight loss goals

My weight loss goals are not likely to be significantly affected by swimming. (See my post Eating disorders are a danger zone). I need to swim faster and for more time. Recently, I’ve been feeling a lot more pain than usual. I have no idea what is causing this, so getting out and moving will help. My lung power will be increased if I focus more on my breathing. Yoga is impossible for me because my wrist is still healing.

Swimming is an excellent way to improve my mental and emotional well-being. My “think tank” was the pool, where I used to get my best ideas. The collection should be where I can forget about the past day and allow my mind to clear so I can focus on the next day.

I move slowly through the pool water to see the rising sun through large picture windows. What more could one want at that moment?



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