What to do if only one partner initiates sex?


What to do if only one partner initiates sex?


Patient: I don’t usually lie, but it is expected.

The old joke about the “funny partner” is not funny, primarily if it refers to your long-term partner. It gets ancient to be the one who initiates sexual activity. It is easy to feel unloved if you ask and are not asked.

This is the usual defense of the passive partner in couples therapy when it comes to this topic. Who would?

The male is likelier to be the aggressor in heterosexual couples, perhaps because of his higher libido. However, this is not always the case. Women with high libidos have men with low libidos and women with higher libidos. Sometimes they even get married. There are also same-sex couples whose sexual libidos often are not compatible. It combines an unequal desire for sex, a lack of libido, and a willingness to take on the risk of initiating. What can be done?

If you are a regular initiator of sex

It’s time to be the initiator and not complain to your partner if you’re constantly doing it. You might say, “I initiate sex between you most of the time.” It would be nice if you did it occasionally. What would you find the easiest? Perhaps you could show me that you are interested in taking a shower before I go to bed or giving me a massage. Would you consider doing that for me?

Expect to be told why she/he cannot or is difficult. These may not be valid excuses to act out of one’s comfort zone. Some people are sensitive to arousal but don’t respond spontaneously to it unless stimulated. If this is the case, you can ask your partner to compliment you and tell you that you are loved more often.

If your partner is the one who initiates sex,

Are you open to making some changes if you’re the passive partner? It doesn’t matter if your partner has never raised the issue. Ask or, better yet, have a good talk with your partner and make the clear move in a way you can both appreciate. For example, offer a more passionate kiss, let your touch be more sensual or invite them to share a bath, shower, or massage.

Your partner will most likely talk about your unusual behavior. Discuss it. Was it something she or he liked? Was it uncomfortable for you both? Is it worth repeating?

You will be able to have more open conversations about how you feel about sex change and how you feel about it. This will lead to deeper relationships and self-disclosure.



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