The Most Valuable Guidance I Ever Received About Practicing Therapy

Being a therapist is like being a co-navigator on a shared journey. Over the years, I’ve journeyed alongside countless clients, learning and growing with each step. Out of all the wisdom I’ve gathered, one piece of advice shines brightly. It’s become my lighthouse in the vast sea of therapy.

A Lighthouse in the Sea of Therapy

This piece of advice isn’t a technique or a strategy, but a mindset. A mentor early in my career told me, “If you want to make an impact, treat every session as though it’s the one chance you have to help.”

This advice might sound intense, but in reality, it’s about simplicity and presence. It’s about being fully present and attentive to the client sitting across from us in each unique session.

Embracing Uncertainty

    • The first thing this mindset calls for is embracing uncertainty. Each client is unique, their experiences and responses won’t fit into neat, predefined boxes. This means each session requires creativity and flexibility.

Guiding and Following

    • Next, this mindset is about balancing guiding and following. Therapists do steer the process, but we’re also deeply attentive to our clients’ direction. We ensure their voices and experiences remain central to the process.

Confronting Our Vulnerabilities

  • Finally, embodying this mindset means confronting our own vulnerabilities. It’s in these moments of not knowing, making mistakes, and being challenged that we can model for our clients the power of learning and growing. Therapy isn’t about being perfect; it’s about being real.

Making the Most of the Moment

Approaching each session as our one chance to help encourages us to fully invest ourselves in the present moment. Even through a webcam, we can foster a meaningful connection with our clients, supporting them in their journey towards self-understanding and growth.

Honoring the Trust

Practicing therapy is a privilege, an opportunity to walk alongside individuals on their path of self-discovery and change. By viewing each session as a unique chance to facilitate this change, we truly honor the trust our clients place in us.


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