The Matter of ‘Unneeded’ Individuals

Hey, how’s it going? You’ve probably heard this term bouncing around lately: “Superfluous People.” Sounds kinda harsh, doesn’t it? But what’s it all about? Let’s unravel this together.

Understanding the Term

The term “superfluous people” might seem scary and unfamiliar. Popularized by thinkers like Yuval Noah Harari, it’s used to describe a potential future where Artificial Intelligence (AI) takes over so many jobs that many people could become “economically irrelevant.” Sounds intense, right?

The Bigger Picture

But here’s the deal: this concept can be misleading if we take it at face value. As humans, our worth extends way beyond our economic productivity. Our value lies in the relationships we form, the support we give to others, and the unique experiences and perspectives we bring to the table.

AI and Human Value

It’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed by rapid technological advancement. “Well, if AI is going to be a new Mozart, a new Shakespeare, or the best psychotherapist out there, what’s left for us humans?” But here’s the thing: while AI can mimic patterns and analyze data incredibly efficiently, it can’t provide the warmth of a human connection or the personal growth that comes from overcoming life’s challenges.

Art and creativity, for instance, can’t be fully replicated by machines. Sure, an AI can write a symphony in the style of Beethoven or paint a picture like Picasso, but they can’t truly innovate or feel the emotions behind these creations. In fact, when you engage in therapy, part of the process is tapping into your own unique creativity and emotional richness – something no AI can truly understand or replace.

You Are Valuable

So, remember: you are not “superfluous.” Even if you’re feeling lost, struggling with mental health issues, or feeling undervalued, it’s crucial to remember that your worth isn’t tied to what you produce or what job you do. Online therapy can be a valuable tool to explore these feelings, process them, and ultimately, to help you navigate your path towards better mental health.


Our world is not an economic machine; it’s a rich tapestry of human experiences. We are not replaceable cogs. In the face of AI and the future, we don’t need to see ourselves as less valuable but should instead celebrate our inherent human qualities – empathy, creativity, resilience, and our capacity for growth and change.

In conclusion, while the future may bring significant changes, remember this: You are not “superfluous.” You are not “unneeded.” Your experiences, your struggles, your victories, your emotions – these are all intrinsically valuable. They make up who you are, and they make you irreplaceable. Let’s navigate this future together, embracing change without losing our unique human touch.


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